Schmid Traditional French Horn Mouthpieces

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    Size Rim Width Depth Internal Diameter Bore
    4 4.0mm Shallow 17.0mm 3.6mm
    4.5 4.0mm Medium-Shallow 17.0mm 3.8mm
    5 4.0mm Medium 17.0mm 4.0mm
    5.5 4.0mm Medium-Deep 17.0mm 4.2mm
    6 4.0mm Deep 17.0mm 4.4mm
    7 4.0mm Shallow 17.5mm 3.7mm
    7.5 4.0mm Medium-Shallow 17.5mm 3.9mm
    8 4.0mm Medium 17.5mm 4.1mm
    8.5 4.0mm Medium-Deep 17.5mm 4.3mm
    9 4.0mm Deep 17.5mm 4.5mm
    10 4.0mm Shallow 18.0mm 3.8mm
    10.5 4.0mm Medium-Shallow 18.0mm  4.0mm
    11 4.0mm Medium 18.0mm 4.2mm
    11.5 4.0mm Medium-Deep 18.0mm 4.4mm 
    12 4.0mm Deep 18.0mm 4.6mm
    13 4.0mm  Shallow 18.5mm 3.9mm
    13.5 4.0mm Medium-Shallow 18.5mm 4.1mm
    14 4.0mm Medium 18.5mm 4.3mm
    14.5 4.0mm Medium-Deep 18.5mm  4.5mm
    15 4.0mm Deep 18.5mm 4.7mm

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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 14.5
Very good on middle and upper register, very slightly lacking on lowest register, around pedal F -D.
Derek P.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 8.5
Good mouthpiece, meets my expectations.
Jaime I.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 11
Tsz Nok T.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 12
Nice mouthpieces, digital ones are different.
Charlie R.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 11
I am currently working towards grade 8 and got this mouthpiece to help with my high notes and my top note has gone from a top f above the staff to a double c. It also provides far better tone quality than my old mouthpiece and even allows decent quality, fast low notes.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 8.5
I got exactly the right mouthpiece and it is great and works great in all registers.
Atli Sigurdsson.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 11.5
Great mouthpiece. The bowl shape brings out a different tone quality which I like. It is easy to play on.
Andrew M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 10.5
Excellent Mouthpiece.
Asim G.

Schmid Traditional French Horn Mouthpieces

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Shopping Satisfaction
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