Alexander French Horn Mouthpieces

  1. Size Rim Width Depth Internal Diameter Bore
    1 3.75mm 22mm 16.8mm 3.7mm
    2 4.00mm 26mm 16.5mm 3.7mm
    3 4.00mm 19mm 16.5mm 3.7mm
    4 4.00mm 18mm 16.5mm 3.7mm
    5 4.00mm 26mm 16.8mm 3.7mm
    6 4.00mm 29mm 17.0mm 3.7mm
    7 4.00mm 19mm 17.5mm 3.7mm
    8 4.00mm 28mm 17.5mm 3.7mm
    8F 4.00mm 24mm 17.5mm 3.7mm
    8FM 4.00mm 24mm 17.5mm 4.0mm
    8FL 4.00mm 28mm 17.5mm 4.2mm
    8M 4.00mm 28mm 17.5mm 4.0mm
    9 4.00mm 31mm 17.5mm 3.7mm
    9F 4.00mm 29mm 17.0mm 3.7mm
    10 4.75mm 18mm 18.0mm 4.3mm
    11 4.75mm 26mm 18.0mm 4.3mm
    12 4.75mm 30mm 17.5mm 4.3mm
    22 4.00mm 28mm 17.5mm 4.0mm
    23 4.00mm 31mm 17.5mm 4.0mm
    31 4.25mm 27mm 18.0mm 4.2mm
    32 4.25mm 28mm 18.0mm 4.2mm
    33 4.25mm 33mm 18.0mm 4.2mm
    41 4.75mm 26mm 18.5mm 4.2mm
    42 4.75mm 28mm 18.5mm 4.2mm
    43 4.75mm 29mm 18.5mm 4.2mm
    MY9 3.75mm 31mm 17.5mm 5.1mm
    MY13 3.45mm 31mm 17.0mm 4.8mm
    MY15 3.75mm 32mm 17.5mm 4.5mm

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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 21
A lovely mouthpiece. I am a relative beginner, but I noticed that this improved my sound significantly. Even though this is relatively standard size, it feels more generous than the one that came with my horn. The rim is a nice comfortable width and I would recommend to anyone to try.
Niall F.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 43
For me this mouthpiece works really well but I appreciate not everyone needs such a large inner diameter or as wide a rim as this, it's build to Alexander's usual high standards and works well with a 103.
Simon T.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 4
This is the mouthpiece for high horn passages!
Mouthpiece came the day after l ordered it.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 43
A mouthpiece that gives you security in linked passages and sharp attacks.
Daniel Moraes M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 10
Very comfortable mouth piece which for me works well across the whole range of the instrument.
Ian W.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 8M
Very helpful correspondence with a successful outcome. Pity about the fit but then the horn I have is pretty old !
John R.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 32
Just what I was looking for.
Herbert F.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 8FM
A well good Mouthpiece.
Kyle A.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : MY13
Bonne embouchure !
Jean c.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : MY15
Good mouthpiece for the low register.

Alexander Horn Mouthpieces

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Shopping Satisfaction
Size :
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