Josef Klier M Series French Horn Mouthpieces

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    • Rim Width: 4.0mm
    • Cup Shape: Bowl

    Model Depth Internal Diameter Bore
    01AM Very Deep 18.5mm 4.8mm
    01BM Very Deep 18.5mm 4.6mm
    01CM Deep 18.5mm 4.4mm
    01DM Medium 18.5mm 4.2mm
    01EM Shallow 18.5mm 4.0mm
    01FM Very Shallow 18.5mm 3.8mm
    1AM Very Deep 18mm 4.8mm
    1BM Very Deep 18mm 4.6mm
    1CM Deep 18mm 4.4mm
    1DM Medium 18mm 4.2mm
    1EM Shallow 18mm 4.0mm
    1FM Very Shallow 18mm 3.8mm
    2AM Very Deep 17.5mm 4.8mm
    2BM Very Deep 17.5mm 4.6mm
    2CM Deep 17.5mm 4.4mm
    2DM Medium 17.5mm 4.2mm
    2EM Shallow 17.5mm 4.0mm
    2FM Very Shallow 17.5mm 3.8mm
    3AM Very Deep 17.0mm 4.8mm
    3BM Very Deep 17.0mm 4.6mm
    3CM Deep 17.0mm 4.4mm
    3DM Medium 17.0mm 4.2mm
    3EM Shallow 17.0mm 4.0mm
    3FM Very Shallow 17.0mm 3.8mm
    4AM Very Deep 16.5mm 4.8mm
    4BM Very Deep 16.5mm 4.6mm
    4CM Deep 16.5mm 4.4mm
    4DM Medium 16.5mm 4.2mm
    4EM Shallow 16.5mm 4.0mm
    4FM Very Shallow 16.5mm 3.8mm

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Customer reviews
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Model : 1Cup Size : EM
Everything is very good . Thanks.
Genessi P.
Shopping Satisfaction
Model : 2Cup Size : EM
A very good mouthpiece in all registers.
Kyle A.

Josef Klier M Series French Horn Mouthpieces

£ 60.00
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