Houghton: Recipe for Success

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Recipe for Success

: A balanced curriculum for young horn players from beginners to more advanced young students

  • Authors - Karen Houghton and Janet B. Nye
  • "Recipe for Success"
  • French Horn studies and curriculum publication

Houghton Horns is excited to present their new, engaging, and comprehensive 260-page horn method book for young players. This method begins day one and continues through several years of playing. Perfect for beginners, and also helpful for more advanced young students. Seventy years of research, three years of writing and preparation, thousands of dollars of investment… priceless and worth the wait!
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Customer reviews
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Karen Houghton’s Recipe for Success is an excellent addition to early horn pedagogy, a must have for anyone teaching beginner and intermediate horn players. Just the right balance between thinking of every last element of playing but structured in a way that embraces the knowledge and expertise of the teacher. Horn players are lucky to have this nee method to draw from.
Julia M.