Epstein: Horn Playing from the Inside Out (3rd Edition)

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    • Horn Playing from the Inside Out
    • 3rd Edition
    • Eli Epstein

    Eli Epstein Productions - ISBN 978-0-9854272-1-4

  2. This book is a result of Eli Epstein's 17 years in the Cleveland Orchestra and 25 years of Conservatoire teaching. It breaks down into four parts, dealing with Technique, Musicianship, Warm up and Exercises and finally Applying the Method. It is both innovative and inspiring and presents his theories in a clear and understandable way, which gives the reader much to think about and practical ideas to help improve one's playing. An excellent addition to any horn enthusiast's collection.

    The third edition presents MRI images and data of an elitegroup of horn players, including Stefan Dohr, Fergus McWilliam, Sarah Willis,Stefan Jezierski (all of the Berlin Philharmonic), Marie-Luise Neunecker, JeffNelsen, and others. MRI films confirm that what we do internally, inside themouth, pharynx, and thoracic cavity is just as important as what we doexternally. And, just as there are hallmarks of healthy embouchures that mostprofessional horn players employ, there are many consistent internal movementpatterns among the elite group. Epstein presents tried and true methods tolearn and teach these exemplary biomechanics.

    "Without a doubt the most physiologically correct book everpublished on horn playing.” ~JohnEricson, Horn Matters

    Here’s a link for the complete review:

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Recommendable for every horn player! beginner to professional!
Andrew H.
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Very interesting book !! I have learnt so much about Horn technique already.

Have just returned to Horn playing after a 50 + year gap-hard !!!
Brendan B.
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An excellent book.

Epstein: Horn Playing from the Inside Out (3rd Edition)

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