Yamaha French Horn Silent Brass Mute Only

    • Powered by Brass Resonance Modelling
    • Now cancels out the sound of the mute microphone for further authenticity
    • Creates a sound that returns the characteristics of an open instrument
    • New compact design fits into your horn bell for storage and convenience
    • AUX IN minijack makes it easy to play along with accompaniment and backing
    • The full system is also available complete with ST9 Studio and cables
  1. The Yamaha Silent Brass french horn practice mute is made of lightweight plastic, with a unique rubber sealer to hold it securely in the bell. When used with the Silent Brass system, it has none of that stuffy restricted feeling of conventional practice mutes.

    In fact, it blows so close to a natural open horn that you simply won’t believe it until you actually experience it for yourself. Play high or low, loud or soft, and your pitch will remain true and centered. A special microphone inside the mute relays your sound to the Personal Studio.

Yamaha French Horn Silent Brass Mute only

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