Watkins: The Romantic Horn
RELEASE DATE 09 March 2019

The text below is taken from the CD booklet and best describes this fabulous CD.

This recording represents a selection of some of the most well-loved works for the horn. As our repertoire is relatively small, it seemed an ideal opportunity to select a programme of music from most European countries. The Romantic Horn was a fairly obvious title, given that all the works highlight the lyrical side of the horn - which is, essentially, what the
instrument does best. I have always had a soft spot for Hunter’s Moon – Gilbert Vinter being a leading figure in the light music movement, at its height in the 40s and 50s, but sadly now out of fashion. Finally, this project was the perfect opportunity to celebrate my collaboration over many years with Julius Drake, my friend and colleague with whom it has been the greatest privilege and honour to work.
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Watkins: The Romantic Horn

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