The French Horn Stick

    • Knee mounted
    • Comfortable design
    • Ensures a straight posture
    • Helps prevent neck and shoulder problems
    • Height adjustable
  1. The French Horn Stick is designed to transfer all the weight of the horn onto the knee whilst playing. This can help to alleviate problems caused by repetitive motions and continued lifting.

    The horn stick is fully height adjustable, allowing this to be used by both children and adults

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
A great help in reducing the weight of the horn on left wrist to deal with arthritis problem, although not a complete solution, and takes some getting used to.
Francesca W.
Shopping Satisfaction
I bought this to take the weight off my left arm because of a torn tendon.
I couldn't attach it to the centre as suggested because of the close pipework of my Paxman 20.
I attached it to the main tuning pipe which means it rests on my left leg instead of my right but it does work.
Movement is restricted and quick emptying is not possible unless you only need to blow through the water key.
It does what I need it to!
Kelly A.
Shopping Satisfaction
Fine - just what I wanted and it works. More expensive than I had anticipated though.
Tim L.
Shopping Satisfaction
Unfortunately the horn stick didn't fit my horn, which is no reflection on Paxman, and the pencil clips were too small to hold my pencils, and kept popping off the horn. However, I will be happy to buy from Paxman again.
Frances G.
Shopping Satisfaction
The stick does not fit every horn - you should mention that in your ad !
Shopping Satisfaction
Bruce B.
Shopping Satisfaction
I ordered 2 items..

French Horn stick..A lot of money for what it is and not easy to use, but does reduce weight of the horn.

French Horn hand support..excellent and well worth the cost.
Janet B.

The French Horn Stick

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