PHC French Horn Mouthpiece Cup - 30 Z Standard


  • - PHC 30Z mouthpiece cup
  • - Silver-plated throughout

Model: 30Z

  • - Cup Bore - 5.2mm
  • - Cup Depth - Very Deep
  • - Wall - Z Standard

PHC mouthpiece cups require a rim to go with them. PHC cups are also compatible with the screw rims of Paxman and Osmun.

To find out how your mouthpiece compares to other makes, visit our Mouthpiece Comparison Chart 

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 30Model : 'Z' Cup
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 20AXModel : Standard Cup
Excellent mouthpiece! It does exactly what the literature says - helps to stabilize high tones. Vastly different from what I was using; my chops are still getting used to it.
Greg K.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 22Model : Heavycup
I find that it plays a bit louder and a little bit higher (2-3 cents) overall pitch than my PHC 21.
Obviously a freer and for me a more comfortable blow with a larger whole, but sometimes it´s a bit hard to play soft.
I still prefer PHC 21 on the jazzgigs I do now and then.
I haven´t tried PHC 22H in an orchestra yet.
The silver on a new S-rim is allready getting dark on the inside of the"bite".
Håkan N.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 35Model : Standard Cup
A beast of a mouthpiece, recommended by a friend...
Nigel B.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 22Model : Heavycup
Alessio P.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 22AModel : Heavycup
Paxman - это ... с ... ... , и их ..., ... в ... с ... ..., дают ... ... на ... ... лет ... ... ... в ... ... и ... к ним.
Valentin K.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 23Model : 'Z' Heavycup
Artem P.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 22AModel : Heavycup
The mouthpiece is superb in the high register, and makes the dynamic range huge!
Luke N.

PHC 30 Z Standard French Horn Mouthpiece Cup

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