Périnet La Daguet Trompe de Chasse

    • Lightweight 0.33mm design (3/10th)
    • Yellow brass
    • Unlacquered
    • Conical and cylindrical tubing
    • Nickel silver mouthpipe ferrule
    • Brass garland
    • Brass stays
    • Brass chemise
    • Tapered mouthpiece with customisable support
    • Graphite paint inner flare finish
    • Lockable hard case
    • Périnet Mouthpiece
  1. The La Daguet trompe de chasse is one of Périnet's intermediate level horns crafted for excellent sound, playability and lightweight design. With a thinner wall thickness, the projection and resonance of this horn is increased over other versions, making this an excellent choice for performances

    Each Trompe de Chasse comes with a lockable hard case and Périnet mouthpiece

    Custom options are available from Périnet at special request, which include lacquering and engraved badges. If you wish for a particular option that isn't visible on our online store, please contact us at Paxmans for more information.

  2. 2 Year Warranty

    Paxman Musical Instruments Limited give a two year warranty on the La Daguet Trompe de Chasse. This does not cover accidental damage or lacquer wear.

    In addition to the provisions of UK Consumer Protection legislation we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

  3. #Technical#
    Key: D
    Metal thickness: 0.33mm (3/10th)
    Material: Yellow brass
    No. of valves: 0
    No. of thumb valves: 0
    Valve arrangement: N/A
    Thumb valve action: N/A
    Finger valve action: N/A
    Recommended Mouthpiece: Périnet 1M
  4. #Media#

Périnet La Daguet Trompe de Chasse

£ 1,795.00
(Code: 1HN-PERDAG-000)
Trompe_D - La Daguet
Trompe_D - La Daguet
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