Paxman Precision Oiling Pen

    • For precision oiling in tight and hard to reach areas
    • Smooth actuator for control and precise placement of oil
    • Protective screw on cover prevents leakage
    • Pocket clip for convenient carrying
    • 5ml Capacity
    • Supplied with oil of your choosing
    • Free lifetime refills*
  1. Our precision oiler allows for easy application of oil, whether it be direct to your rotors or to the bearings or linkages of your horn. Each pen is supplied with a bottle of oil of your choosing and includes a lifetimes worth of free refills.

    It doesn't matter if you are the owner, it has been a gift for someone or you are filling it up for a friend. Simply bring in the pen at our London store and we will refill it free of charge.

  2. Paxman Musical Instruments Limited gives a lifetime guarantee on free refills.

    *This guarantee will continue as long as we are able to offer it and we reserve the right to cancel the guarantee at any point. Proof of ownership not required. Refills include the pen only.

  3. #Technical#
    Dimensions: 2.29 x 9.91 x 22.1 cm
    Weight: 46g
    Capacity: 5ml
    Material: Aluminium

Paxman Precision Oiling Pen

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Supplied Oil
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