Paxman Model 83 F/Bb(A-+)/f-alto Compensating Triple French Horn

    • Merewether System
    • Dual bore
    • Available in Medium, Europa and Large sizes
    • Lacquered or unlacquered
    • Available in Yellow brass, Gold brass or Nickel Silver (by request) finishes
    • Paxman "Zero" alto valve
    • Single story F/Bb change valve
    • Stopping valve as standard
    • Mouthpipe guard
    • Mouthpipe water key
    • Reversible thumb valve
    • Nickel silver valve casings
    • Brass rotors
    • Cord or Miniball lever action
    • Fixed or detachable bell
    • A=442 pitch as standard
  1. The Paxman 83 triple horn design is Paxmanís response to separate requests from two of Londonís top players. The requests were for a compensating double horn with a single story change valve. While designing this, we realised that we could incorporate this feature successfully into a new and more compact triple horn.

    The single change valve has enabled us to design a very free-blowing horn with a very long leadpipe, and to include a stopping valve on the Bb horn as standard, whilst retaining our unique dual mouthpipe system.

    The instrument is very compact for a triple horn as well as being more aesthetically pleasing. It is designed to operate standing in Bb as this is the most efficient way of operating three thumb levers, although it can be made to play standing in F on request.

    Available online to UK customers only.


  2. 2 Year Warranty

    Paxman Musical Instruments Limited give a two year warranty on the Paxman 83. This does not cover accidental damage or lacquer wear.

    In addition to the provisions of UK Consumer Protection legislation we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

  3. #Technical#
    Key: F/Bb(A-+)/f-alto Compensating
    Bore: 12mm
    Bell flare diameter: 310mm
    Bell throat: Medium, Medium-Large and Large
    Body size: Large
    Material: Yellow brass, gold brass or nickel silver
    No. of valves: 6
    No. of thumb valves: 3
    Valve arrangement: Inline (Paxman Style)
    Thumb valve action: String / Minibal
    Finger valve action: String / Minibal
    Recommended Mouthpiece: Paxman 4B

Paxman Model 83 Compensating Triple French Horn

£ 14,500.00
(Code: WS-PAX-MOD-83)
Bell Size and Fixture
Brass, Levers, Lacquering
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