Paxman French Horn Pull Through

    • Plastic coated wire
    • Centrally located brush
    • Easy to use
    • Very flexible
    • Plastic protected end caps
  1. The Paxman Pull-Through is made from plastic coated wire with a brush in the middle. It has been specifically designed for French horn, primarily for the mouthpipe, but is also capable of cleaning the rest of your horn tubing.

    To use it, remove the mouthpiece and the main tuning slide. Push one end of the Pull-Through into the tuning slide end of the mouthpipe and carefully feed it through until it comes out of the mouthpiece end, in other words from the larger to the smaller diameter. Then gently pull from the mouthpipe end until the whole Pull-Through has come through.

    Rinse the Pull-Through and repeat until it comes through clean. If the mouthpipe has not been cleaned for some time, the first cleaning may result in a rather unpleasant spectacle - an indication to clean the mouthpipe more regularly.

  2. #Technical#
    Length: 104cm
    Outer Edge Brush Diameter: 15mm
    Central Brush Diameter: 20mm
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent so far ! Various teeth and fillings retrieved.
Jon Cooley.
Shopping Satisfaction
Exactly as described. Maybe a brush at one end would have been a useful addition, but this one does the job on the open-ended tubes.
Jane P.
Shopping Satisfaction
Just what I need!
H S.
Shopping Satisfaction
Item is what we were expeted.
Marie-Pascale R.
Shopping Satisfaction
Item not received.
Megan G.
Shopping Satisfaction
Just what was needed to give the horn a good clean.
Jo B.
Shopping Satisfaction
Well made. Like that you can pull through from both ends. Better than I could see on Amazon.
Maria C.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great product.
Shopping Satisfaction
Neil W.
Shopping Satisfaction
Works well! I should have got one sooner.
Heather M.

Paxman French Horn Pull Through

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