Paxman Academy F/Bb Compensating French Horn

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Paxman Academy F/Bb Compensating Double French Horn

  • - Full size wrap
  • - Yellow brass
  • - Clear Lacquered
  • - 4th compensating valve
  • - Fixed Bell
  • - Includes mouthpiece and Paxman rucksack case


The Paxman compensating Double French Horn is the perfect stepping-stone to a full double horn. It is a single French horn in Bb with a 4th valve to allow notes down to an F pitch to be reached. The added bonus is the horn is much lighter that a full double.

Available online to UK customers only.

WARRANTY: Paxman Musical Instruments Limited give a two year warranty on all new instruments. This does not cover accidental damage or lacquer wear.

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French Horn Insurance Warranty
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Lockdown has meant opportunity to renew acquaintance with horn after 40 year lapse!
Lovely modern instrument fulfilled my expectations and giving me lots of pleasure as I pick through my old music archive.Somehow I dont remember Anton Horner and Oscar Franz being such amiable companions the first time around!
John P.