Paxman Academy F/Bb Compensating Double French Horn

    • Full size wrap
    • Yellow brass
    • Gold brass mouthpipe
    • Clear Lacquered
    • Cord Action
    • 4th compensating valve
    • Fixed Bell
    • Includes mouthpiece and Paxman rucksack case
  1. The Paxman Academy compensating Double French Horn is the perfect stepping-stone to a full double horn. It is a single French horn in Bb with a 4th valve to allow notes down to an F pitch to be reached. The added bonus is the horn is much lighter that a full double.

    A continuation of the Paxman tradition of offering an excellent compensating instrument at this level. Ideal for the beginner or intermediate student who would benefit from a lighter instrument.

    The Academy compensating French horn also includes a lightweight fixed bell rucksack case which can be carried either on the back using the backpack straps or on the shoulder with the included strap provided.

    Each Academy horn comes also includes a Paxman 3B styled mouthpiece. You can also purchase different mouthpieces separately to find the one that suites you best.

    Available online to UK customers only.

    For information on Academy Compensating Horn prices and availabilities in your country, please see our list of international dealers.

  2. 2 Year Warranty

    Paxman Musical Instruments Limited give a two year warranty on the Paxman Academy Compensator. This does not cover accidental damage or lacquer wear.

    In addition to the provisions of UK Consumer Protection legislation we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

  3. #Technical#
    Key: F/Bb or Bb/F Compensating
    Bore: 12mm
    Bell flare diameter: 310mm
    Bell throat: Medium
    Body size: Large
    Material: Yellow brass
    No. of valves: 4
    No. of thumb valves: 1
    Valve arrangement: Inline (Paxman Style)
    Thumb valve action: String
    Finger valve action: String
    Recommended Mouthpiece: Paxman 3B
Customer reviews
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French horn plays well, in tune and with a nice timbre. Ideal for intermediate students.
Giuseppe T.
Shopping Satisfaction
Lockdown has meant opportunity to renew acquaintance with horn after 40 year lapse!
Lovely modern instrument fulfilled my expectations and giving me lots of pleasure as I pick through my old music archive.Somehow I dont remember Anton Horner and Oscar Franz being such amiable companions the first time around!
John P.

Paxman Academy F/Bb Compensating French Horn

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