Osmun French Horn Mouthpiece Rims

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  1. Size Style Rim Width
    Internal Diameter
    17.5 Chicago
    4.195mm 17.5mm
    18 Chicago 4.195mm 18mm
    18.5 Chicago 4.195mm 18.5mm
    17.5 Geyer 3.865mm 17.5mm
    18 Geyer 3.865mm 18mm
    18.5 Geyer 3.865mm 18.5mm
    17.5 Lawson B23G
    18 Lawson B23G 4.545mm 18mm
    18.5 Lawson B23G 4.545mm 18.5mm
    17.5 Lawson P10G
    18 Lawson P10G 3.81mm 18mm
    18.5 Lawson P10G 3.81mm 18.5mm
    17.5 London 4.29mm
    18 London 4.29mm 18mm
    18.5 London 4.29mm 18.5mm
    17.5 Vienna
    3.23mm 17.5mm
    18 Vienna 3.23mm 18mm
    18.5 Vienna
    3.23mm 18.5mm

    All Osmun french horn mouthpieces have the same threads as Paxman and PHC for easy converting.

    To find out how your mouthpiece compares to other makes, visit our Mouthpiece Comparison Chart 

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Model : Chicago RimSize : 17.50Finish : Goldplate
This Rim's width(4.19) is best fit, between PHC's AN(3.75) and AS(4.5).
Rim Shapes is softly touchs to my Rips, and Feeling Good Stability !!
Combinating with PHC 21H Cup are giving Very Powerful and Beautiful Sound !!
This is GOOD Rim !!!
Norihiro A.(From Japan).
Shopping Satisfaction
Model : Chicago RimSize : 18.00Finish : Goldplate
Comfortable rim but not immediately compatible with the PHC cup with which I wanted to use it. However, patiently working the threads (ie repeatedly screwing and unscrewing with a little oil) it now fits well.
Howard H.
Shopping Satisfaction
Model : Lawson B23GSize : 18.00Finish : Silver
I don't have received them.
Guillaume r.

Osmun French Horn Mouthpiece Rims

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