Josef Klier K Series French Horn Mouthpieces

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Josef Klier K Series French Horn Mouthpieces

Josef Klier K Series French Horn Mouthpieces

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  • Rim Width: 4.0mm
  • Cup Shape: Conical
Model Depth Internal Diameter Bore
01AK Very Deep 18.5mm 4.8mm
01BK Very Deep 18.5mm 4.6mm
01CK Deep 18.5mm 4.4mm
01DK Medium 18.5mm 4.2mm
01EK Shallow 18.5mm 4.0mm
01FK Very Shallow 18.5mm 3.8mm
1AK Very Deep 18mm 4.8mm
1BK Very Deep 18mm 4.6mm
1CK Deep 18mm 4.4mm
1DK Medium 18mm 4.2mm
1EK Shallow 18mm 4.0mm
1FK Very Shallow 18mm 3.8mm
2AK Very Deep 17.5mm 4.8mm
2BK Very Deep 17.5mm 4.6mm
2CK Deep 17.5mm 4.4mm
2DK Medium 17.5mm 4.2mm
2EK Shallow 17.5mm 4.0mm
2FK Very Shallow 17.5mm 3.8mm
3AK Very Deep 17.0mm 4.8mm
3BK Very Deep 17.0mm 4.6mm
3CK Deep 17.0mm 4.4mm
3DK Medium 17.0mm 4.2mm
3EK Shallow 17.0mm 4.0mm
3FK Very Shallow 17.0mm 3.8mm
4AK Very Deep 16.5mm 4.8mm
4BK Very Deep 16.5mm 4.6mm
4CK Deep 16.5mm 4.4mm
4DK Medium 16.5mm 4.2mm
4EK Shallow 16.5mm 4.0mm
4FK Very Shallow 16.5mm 3.8mm

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Model : 01Cup Size : DK
Very good mouthpiece.
Kyle A.