Denis Wick Wooden Tuneable French Horn Mute

    • Hand crafted
    • Marine ply and Birch wood construction
    • Provides excellent intonation
    • Good resistance
    • Improve tone
    • Accurate intonation
    • Provides an ideal amount of resistance
    • Precise Construction
  1. The Denis Wick wooden tuneable French Horn mute is made with care and attention to detail. This includes their rigid, yet light construction that will ensure your sound is always perfect!

    Whether you’re looking for a pristine tone or stable muted volume - these mutes have what it takes through individuality in design as well as quality material sourcing from around the world such Nordic Birch wood used for crafting this particular mute's 'cone'.

  2. #Technical#
    Model: DW5554
    Length: 250mm
    Base Diameter: 127mm
    Mute Volume: 1259cm³
    Main Material: Nordic Birch
    Base Plate Material: Birch
    Pad Material: Cork
    Hand Cord: Nylon

  3. #Media#
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The quality of product was good.
Amanda C.
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I like the mute!
Kunitada M.
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Quick and efficient service.
Lynn R.

Denis Wick Wooden Tuneable French Horn Mute

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Denis Wick
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