Denis Wick Valve Oil with PTFE

    • Fast, long-lasting French horn oil with a very silky feel
    • Microscopic particles of PTFE carry on lubricating long after other valve oils have evaporated
    • Formulation includes a special anti-evaporation agent
    • Virtually odorless
    • Special bottle with built-in UV filter to protect from sunlight
    • No residue
    • Excellent value
    • Suitable for all horn piston and rotary valves
    • Developed in collaboration with trumpet specialist Will Spencer
  1. Denis Wick products are always at the forefront of product development. The Denis Wick Valve Oil with PTFE is an exceptional example of quality and effectiveness for the French horn.

    "Polytetrafluoroethylene, and it is the most slippery substance on earth. It is found in many everyday usages such as non-stick pans, Gore-Tex rainwear and in dental floss. Its unique properties transform ordinary valve oil into an extraordinary lubricant, the microscopic particles acting as minute ball-bearings.

    Denis Wick is pleased to set a new standard in brass instrument lubrication with innovative new product. Developed in association with trumpet expert Will Spencer, Denis Wick Advanced Formula Valve Oil is already acclaimed as a favourite by many leading brass players. It gives modern valves a very silky feel, is exceptionally long-lasting and remains unaffected by extreme weather conditions, so no more problems of slow, sticky valves in hot weather due to evaporation.

    Its lack of residue makes it a great favourite amongst horn-players, who donít want to be taking valves apart to clean out gunky residue

    Its ability to carry on lubricating between applications makes it the most useful oil for instruments where evaporation can be a problem, such as the tuba, euphonium, and instruments with Thayer valves. The oil is light and fast, and works equally well in piston and rotary valves. Its special properties work in the smallest piccolo trumpets and the largest tubas."

  2. #Technical#
    Volume: 50ml / 1.75oz
    Country of Manufacture: UK
Customer reviews
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Great service, thank you.
Vicky J.
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Great product that delivers satisfaction.
Matthew G.
Shopping Satisfaction
The valve oil is really good and seems to last longer before the valves need cleaning.
Unfortunately, during transit one of the three bottles I ordered came undone and the oil leaked everywhere.
Neil H.
Shopping Satisfaction
Only 50% of my order arrived.
Martin B.
Shopping Satisfaction
I have not yet started the new bottle. The old one is however great.
Andrew M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Very effective and happy to recommend.
Catherine H.
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Dominique P.

Denis Wick Valve Oil with PTFE

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Denis Wick
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