Brass Witch Magnetic Pencil Holder - Baby

    • Leather Velcro Strap for easy attachment
    • Quick and simple design
    • Powerful magnetic hold
    • Includes Royal Blue Brass Witch pencil and eraser
    • 3 sizes available for ideal placement

    The Baby size is designed for placement over a single tube

  1. The Brass Witch pencil holder is a revolutionary concept involving the use of powerful Neodymium "rare Earth” magnets to hold your pencil to your horn. In partnership with Marcus Bonna, a world class renowned case manufacturer, the Brass Witch is constructed using the highest quality materials to ensure longevity.

    It features a simple yet elegant design, using a leather Velcro strap that attaches to your horn. With three different sizes available, you can choose the best placement for your pencil whether it be around a single tube or over several.

  2. #Technical#
    Model: Baby
    Strap Length: 65mm
    Strap Material: Vegan Leather
    Strap Colour: Black
    Attachment: Velcro
    Pencil Length: 83mm
    Pencil Colour: Royal Blue

  3. #Media#

Brass Witch Pencil Holder - Baby

£ 36.95
Brass Witch
(Code: GA-WITCH-B)
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