Best Brass Jr. French Horn Warm Up Mute

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Best Brass Jr. French Horn Warm Up Mute


  • - Extremely light, compact design
  • - Balanced intonation and air flow
  • - Constructed of plastic
  • - Weight - 60g


The Best Brass Junior Warm-up practice mute is the younger brother of the standard Best Brass mute in plastic form. Like its brother, it reduces instrument output to a whisper, losing approximately -25dB to -35dB. With this high level of sound reduction, players have no hesitation at home with neighbours, or in hotel rooms. It becomes possible to do long tones virtually silently backstage, or even gear up for that high section.

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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
I'm sure it could be quite adequate - but will never know, given their inability to deliver.
Derek P.
Shopping Satisfaction

Only ordered it because of flack from rest of family!
Roger D.