Ben Special Type A French Horn Hand Guard

    • Velcro Fitting
    • Velcro wrist attachment
    • Waterproof finish
    • Sturdy Construction
  1. The Ben Special French horn hand guard is designed to protect the horn from moisture contact from playing. With the added Velcro wrist attachment, the guard helps to distribute the weight of the horn towards the back of the hand and away from the little finger.

    This hand guard is especially effective for those who regularly play in marching bands, as the design of the hand guard as a whole allows for maximum hold security, minimising the risk of hand slippage.

  2. #Fitting#

    The Ben Special Type A Hand Guard is designed for the following horns:

    (Double horns with mouthpipes curving from higher up than the finger hook)

    • Alexander: 103, 203st
    • Conn: 6D
    • Holton: H175(275), H177(277), H178(278), H179(279), H180(280), H181(281), H378(478), H379(479)

Ben Special Type A Horn Hand Guard

£ 25.50
Ben Special
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