Ben Special Hand Guard Type A

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Ben Special Hand Guard Type AThis product is designed to protect the instrument from sweat and to distribute the weight of the instrument to the back of the hand to ease the hold on the little finger.

Type A is designed for the following horns (Double horns with mouthpipes curving from higher up than the finger hook):
Alexander: 103, 203st    CONN: 6D
Holton: H175(275), H177(277), H178(278), H179(279)
              H180(280), H181(281), H378(478), H379(479)

Type B is designed for the following horns:
Yamaha: All models including triple horns
Paxman: Some models, not all    E. Schmid: Some models, not all
Wenzel Meinl: All models    Finke: All models
Alexander: 1103, 503, 200, 403s, 104, 102st, 1104, 1106
Hans Hoyer: 801, G10, 6801, 7801    CONN: 10D, 11D, 8D, 9D
Holton: H105, H176(276), H189(289), H192(292), H200
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