Alexander Model 97 Single Bb French Horn

    • Single French Horn in Bb
    • Thumb valve in A
    • Stopping extension
    • 5th valve for F-horn extension
    • Medium
    • Yellow brass, gold brass or Nickel silver
    • Medium Body
    • Fixed or detachable bell
  1. The sound of Bb horns is lean and supple. The notes in the low register below low Bb can be successfully played on the Model 97 due to an extra fourth extension.

    The Alexander 97 offers an advantage of lightness over its counterpart, the 93 F horn. Single horns come in handy for high brass players because they can make challenging operatic or concerto situations much easier to play with their rich tone quality; typically these horns will only be found playing solo repertoire and chamber music material where the more traditional design provides better sound and agility.

    Each Alex 97 horn includes a complimentary care package which contains an Alexander mouthpiece, a set of oils, cloth, pencil, hand guard and pencil holder. Alexander horn cases are also available and sold separately.

    Custom 97 French horn models are available from Alexander at special request. If you wish for a particular option that isn't visible on our online store, please contact us at Paxmans for more information. Please note there will be several months build time on special orders.

  2. 2 Year Warranty

    Paxman Musical Instruments Limited give a two year warranty on the Alexander 97. This does not cover accidental damage or lacquer wear.

    In addition to the provisions of UK Consumer Protection legislation we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

  3. #Technical#
    Key: Bb
    Bore: 12,1 mm
    Bell flare diameter: 310 mm
    Bell throat: Medium
    Body size: Medium
    Material: Yellow brass, gold brass or nickel silver
    No. of valves: 5
    No. of thumb valves: 2
    Valve arrangement: Inline
    Thumb valve action: Minibal
    Finger valve action: Minibal
    Recommended Mouthpiece: Alexander 8M

Alexander Model 97 Single French Horn

£ 6,220.00
(Code: WS-AL-MOD97)
Bell Type and Fixture
Brass and Lacquering
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