Alexander French Horn Jet Cleaner

    • Jet cleaner for the French horn
    • Easy to fit shower adapter.
    • Speeds up cleaning time
    • No need for a prior soak
    • Sturdy steel construction
    • Thread size - 3/4" BSP (22mm fitting)
  1. The jet cleaner allows for high pressure water to be sent down your horn, removing dirt and build up without the need to scrub with traditional brushes and pull throughs.

    Common problems that can occur with more traditional means of cleaning the French horn, such as bath washing, can leave the horn with residue on the inside and also poses the risk of mixing rotor oil and slide grease together within the valve block. This in turn can lead to slow or stuck valves. The high pressures the jet cleaner can achieve as water is pumped through your horn, ensures that the insides are thoroughly flushed cleaned whilst greatly lowering the chances of the aforementioned occurring.

    Hot water baths also pose the risk of damaging the lacquer of a horn. Some forms of lacquer have been known to cloud up due to the high temperatures. As the jet cleaner pumps water directly into the mouthpipe and through the entire instrument, this risk is completely avoided.

    The Alexander jet cleaner overall provides a low cost, efficient and safe way of cleaning your horn and makes a very worthwhile addition to any players setup.

Customer reviews
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So useful!
Shopping Satisfaction
Only for because of the price
Martine M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Works great. Tried it to the shower and the pressure is good (waterpressure).Horn playes already 20-30 % better.
Atli S.
Shopping Satisfaction
Does the job, but overpriced for a bit of metal shaped by a basic process.
Christopher C.

Alexander French Horn Jet Cleaner

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