Ratings and Reviews for  French Horn Holding Strap

1 / 5
Store is out of the item. I'm still waiint for them to reorder it.
Greg M. 4/12/2022 at 08h09
4 / 5
It is what it says it is and is of good quality. It is a tight fit on my Alex and I may need to modify it slightly to gain security. Great idea though and has freed up my fingers nicely!
Edward S. 10/8/2021 at 20h30
5 / 5
Exactly what was needed to play comfortably. Fits the double horn and the kinder horn perfectly.
Caroline G. 9/3/2020 at 19h21
5 / 5
High quality, it fits perfectly - I tried many typologies of this item, I strongly recommend this one.
Daniele Navone. 4/23/2019 at 14h31
5 / 5
Alex P. 2/16/2019 at 22h18
5 / 5
Easy to fit and it gave my hand a much needed break. I'm glad to try this temporary solution first before soldering something on to my horn.
Heather M. 10/21/2018 at 03h21
5 / 5
Good quality.
Lee M. 7/14/2018 at 11h03
5 / 5
This is a fantastic invention, I would highly recommend it. I use this French horn strap every day, it is tough and secure.
F. K. 11/9/2017 at 09h18
5 / 5
A useful item. comfortable, well made, adjustable.
Martin P. 10/5/2017 at 17h42
4 / 5
Really helps and takes the pain out of pinky finger. However the inside of the strap is rough and made my knuckles sore, so I've made a 'sock' which fits tightly over it to stop the rubbing!
Stella. 5/26/2017 at 12h45
5 / 5
Quite expensive on paper, but in reality well made, strong + comfortable, seemingly indistructable, so in the long term, good value for money.
Sandra C. 4/22/2017 at 08h30
5 / 5
Fabulous! Makes holding the French Horn a lot easier for my 8 year old.
Lara W. 3/17/2017 at 19h31
5 / 5
Would recommend this product without hesitation, good value and a quick solution to strain on little finger on left hand holding horn.
Maria G. 3/13/2017 at 09h51
3 / 5
Used for first time today,need to get the right position,hence 3 stars.
Edward H. 1/24/2017 at 14h58
4 / 5
Its ok.
Carol G. 10/20/2016 at 12h34
5 / 5
Just what my 11 year old wanted. Perfect.
Marty W. 9/8/2016 at 18h40
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