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French Horn
We have horns available for rental with a subsequent option to buy. Please see here for further details.
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Our on-site workshop offers the most comprehensive service for horn players in the UK, from valve services to restringing a valve or even a complete rebuild of a damaged instrument.
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In our extensive collection, we have all your favourite horn music, from Mozart to the more off the wall and obscure.
Over 100 Years

100 Years of Paxman

In 1919, three brothers (Harry, Bertram and William Paxman) started a company supplying brass, woodwind and percussion instruments from an address in Southwark, South London. Over the following 100 years, that company would come to specialise in the supply and manufacture of the horns which are today a mainstay of the global horn playing community.
Over one hundred years after the company was founded, Paxman is at the pinnacle of international horn playing, with Paxman horns found in the hands of top players on every major concert platform around the world.
The instruments are hand built using techniques that have not changed since the manufacture of the first valved horn in the 19th century, whilst at the same time making use, where appropriate, of 21st century technologies.
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