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Alexander 103 Full Double Horn #35164

    • Hand-hammered detachable bell
    • Lacquered
    • Yellow brass
    • Minibal lever action

    Serial Number

    • #35164
  1. This Alexander 103 is just over a year old and as such is in exceptional overall condition. The overall lacquer is in almost "as new" condition from the factory. Essentially a brand new horn for an ex-VAT price.
  2. All our second hand instruments receive a full service before being put up for sale. The work carried out on this Alexander 103 is guaranteed for 60 days.

  3. #Technical#
    Key: F/Bb or Bb/F
    Bore: 12,1 mm
    Bell flare diameter: 310 mm
    Bell throat: Medium
    Body size: Medium
    Material: Yellow brass, gold brass or nickel silver
    No. of valves: 4
    No. of thumb valves: 1
    Valve arrangement: Offset (Alexander Design)
    Thumb valve action: Minibal
    Finger valve action: Minibal

Alexander Model 103 French Horn #35164

£ 6,995.00
(Code: 3HN-AL103-35164)
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